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Writers face many of the same problems and frustrations. Still, every writer’s path to publication takes a different route. Here are some of the ways Barncat can help:

The Book Sherpa & the BIZ Book Sherpa

For when you need guidance on your path to writing and publishing.

Find your voice, write a book … even if you don’t think you can. This intensive, custom 12-week program is designed to give you specific, measurable results, such as a book proposal or a finished draft of your manuscript. Inquire here. Find out more about The BIZ Book Sherpa, for entrepreneurs and independent professionals, here.

Coaching & Author Mentoring

Help where you need it, when you need it.

Strategic one-on-one assistance for writing, rewriting, polishing, pitching. Inquire here.

Developmental Editing

For when you need a blueprint.

Your manuscript “still needs work,” and you’ve lost all sense of what that means.

In today’s competitive marketplace, you can no longer depend on agents and publishers to devote themselves to editing and shaping your book. They expect you to have taken care of that already. This detailed, professional Developmental Edit thoroughly addresses virtually ANYTHING in your manuscript that needs attention. In the end you’ll have a blueprint for exactly what to tackle, and how.

For more information about Developmental Edits, inquire here.

For qualified applicants. Manuscripts > 80,000 words may incur additional charges.

Not sure what a “Developmental Editor” can do for you? Find out here:

For more information about our services, or to find out when our next Barncat University courses and Webinars will be running, inquire here.

Sorry, we do not handle poetry, YA or children’s books at this time.


Books & Manuals

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Advanced_Memoir_bookAdvanced Memoir:
Find Your Own True Voice

Your half-finished or barely begun manuscript needs TLC. Or maybe CPR.
Self-paced home course from author, editor, and media consultant Jami Bernard contains all the proprietary lessons, tools, tips and exercises otherwise available only in Jami’s online course for hundreds of dollars more. Topics include dialogue, narrative tricks, voice/style/tone, transitions, self-editing.

What You Get

Deep understanding of key areas of writing memoir. Excercises to strengthen those muscles, now and in future.

The day Jami’s Advanced Memoir book arrived, I couldn’t stop reading. I had finally found ‘the answer’!

For years I’d bought “how-to-write” books. I thought it was necessary to seek out information on writing from the experts since my educational background was in the medical field. When I registered for Jami Bernard’s Master Workshop, I didn’t hesitate to order Master Class with Jami Bernard: Advanced Memoir, the self-paced course book that was offered in the registration.

This course book is the most valuable book I own second to my Bible. It truly is a writer’s bible to those whose appetite to write a book and get published is insatiable.

Everything from rules of writing to inspiration are included in this book. Most importantly, this book holds all the answers to the secrets of successful writers!

– Danna Nazzarett, writer

Advanced Memoir: $149

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Overcoming Writer's BlockOvercoming Writer’s Block

Write again with ease!
Author, editor and media consultant Jami Bernard breaks down the psychological, behavioral and neurological components of writer’s block to help you get past symptoms, using cutting-edge techniques. This manual contains the proprietary lessons, tools, tips and exercises otherwise available only in Jami’s online workshop.

What You Get

More freedom from agonizing blocks, along with control over how to manage and sidestep them in future. Relief from some or all of the anxiety attached to Writer’s Block, and greater compassion for youself through understanding some of the underlying causes.

Jami helped me discover that I didn’t have Writer’s Block. What I had was an inconsistent schedule, seasonal issues, even hormonal issues. I can slay those dragons!

– Kathleen Evers

Overcoming Writer’s Block: $69

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Writer's NotebookWriter’s Notebook

Specially designed journal has exercises for starting a new project, inspirational quotes from famous writers, and space for notes and brainstorming.