Barncat Services / Payment Links

The following links will take you to a secure online site that accepts AmEx, Visa, MasterCard or Paypal. Choose the service you desire. If applicable, enter number of hours. Enter gift certificate or code, if any, and press APPLY.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail. After payment is made, your service will be scheduled on the Barncat calendar.

The copyright to your material remains with YOU, and your material will be kept confidential.

Hourly Consult/Edit, $225/hr

Editorial Consult, $550

Coaching, Reduced Rate for Sherpa Clients, $175/hr

Developmental Edit, $3800

Story Pathfinder BASIC, $950

Story Pathfinder PLUS, $1475

Special Student Rate, $125

The Book Sherpa, 12 weeks, $7500

The Book Sherpa, Installment Plan, $7500 in 3 monthly installments

Berkshires Writing Group, 6 monthly sessions, $1200