The Book Sherpa

Find Your Voice, Write a Book (even if you don’t think you can)

You have an idea for a book. On alternate Tuesdays, you think it’s rather brilliant.

Perhaps you’ve written some of it. You might even have an entire manuscript that, while “finished,” is never finished.

The one thing you don’t have is a BOOK — a polished, publication-quality book that clearly articulates what you want to say in your own voice. A smart book, a “good read,” not a waste-of-time-oh-why-did-I-buy-this-book kind of book.

The Book Sherpa is a highly customizable, all-inclusive program for motivated independent professionals and entrepreneurs who have a sense of adventure along with the passion, ideas and guts to write (or finish!) and sell a book … and the wisdom to know they need a guide on that journey to the top.

It’s like having your very own Sherpa escorting you to the top of the mountain.